Matt Spencer

Developer & Graphic Designer

What I do…

…as a Developer (read on)

I code with a wide-variety of languages: from my small scale PHP REST framework, to plugins and themes for WordPress. To simple HTML and CSS, with a dash of JavaScript. Throw in a sprinkle of experimentation with Python and Android app development; I have even tinkered with Arduino code.

…as a Graphic Artist (read on)

I design and create vector artwork; for logos, business cards, personal cards and posters and occasionally desktop and mobile screen wallpapers (not to be mistaken with the kind pasted on actual walls).

…for Fun! (read on)

I love music (though cannot play), reading, pc gaming, and on the odd occasion writing - in the more outgoing sense, I love mountains, wildlife of all shapes and sizes and, even bigger mountains.


Web Development

My main focus for many years now (since 2007 at least) has been website design and development, for me this involves everything from the front-end to the back-end. In terms of a quick breakdown:

  • HTML, CSS & JavaScript (jQuery) — Frontend
  • PHP (since version 5) — Backend
  • SQL (MariaDB/MySQL) — Database Management/Firmly Backend

In the past I have produced WordPress themes and plugins, though my more recent efforts have turned towards a simple REST API, which I hope to release soon.

In terms of why I develop both the front and backend, I enjoy the unique challenges both have to offer. The hardy logic of the backend, and the more fluid and evolving state of the front-end.

For instance, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) have evolved over the years to allow more and more creative freedom, and in some aspects, reduced the complexity with new innovations; an added benefit here being interesting effects only once capable with JavaScript can now be achieved with some cunning styling.

Style is all well and good, but I do also desire to make my sites accessible where possible; not relying on JavaScript and mouse-only inputs, I try to be a considerate developer and have my sites work fine with screen-readers and those hard-of-sight.

My Mission

No matter what project I work on, my hope is to make an accessible, easy-to-use program or product that can be used by as many people as possible; from the everyday individual, to the privacy and security conscious, to the power-user and if applicable, to the developer.

Hopefully in the process I create something that both looks good, and works well for anyone who uses it.

Workflow, Other Coding & Scripting

I use git for version control, and on top of that I'm familiar with Linux. While many will be familiar with Mac and Windows, the web is firmly built upon Linux - which I've used with your traditional desktop environments, but also via the terminal (command line).

In short, I can configure servers; scheduling tasks and fine tuning permissions, creating backup scripts and doing so properly.

Outside of web development, I've also dabbled with Android app development and some desktop development; primarily in the form of Python, Python Tkinter and more recently the Qt GUI framework (through PySide). I even have a little experience with the Arduino.

Graphic Design

While not my main focus, just like a well designed site, I do like graphic design; working primarily with vector graphics I make logos, wallpapers and cards.

This also makes allows me to make assets for the sites I develop, proving a huge boon, from backgrounds to icons for buttons and more.

For Fun