Welcome to my personal blog, around these parts I write about gaming and the other things I do – sometimes I’ll post videos I’ve made, or do a little bit of creative writing if the mood takes me.

I love learning new things, while my interests might be very computer centric its not the only thing I like to read about; for instance, I seem to be in a family of health-care professionals (no doctors, to my knowledge), so biological things don’t phase me too much (no fan of blood and gore, mind).

Another interest, the English language, specifically local dialects (current and fading), and how the US has separated in terms of language too (or how we adjusted our own after the US got going).

It doesn’t end there, not by a long shot, and to list them all would take too long and probably become boring, so to keep things simple, I’m pretty open to most topics, and I’ll usually make an attempt to understand something.


The Current Me

I design and develop primarily WordPress themes, which can be found on my main site, to date I’ve created 2 and a responsive design template, plus a bespoke site and an open source project or two (details incoming soon). With more projects and ideas are under way.

In terms of education… I’ve got an undergraduate BSC in Computing. A HND in the same, but with a much broader range of topics covered, and of course the A-levels to go with them. I also have A-levels in Business Studies and an AS-level Philosophy (though I found it interesting, I dropped it to focus on… computing!).

I’ll sum it up roughly as, I know Computers pretty well – everything from spreadsheets and word documents to building PCs and maintaining them.